• It is revealed that the episode takes place on February 11, 2024, according to Mike's new fart jar for Phil. The episode was approximately shot the week of February 11, 2016.
  • As Phil drives to Tucson in his DeLorean, the Back to the Future theme song is heard.
  • The original version of "Falling Slowly" from Once is heard as Mike gives Phil a haircut.
  • "Over Under Sideways" by the Yardbirds is played during the end credits.
  • The haircut scene was partially inspired by the movie Ghost. Interestingly, the song "Unchained Melody" from the movie was going to play during the scene, however, it was later switched to "Falling Slowly".[1]
  • Melissa's use with her shotgun is a callback to January Jones' role as Betty Draper on Mad Men.
  • The name of Phil's father is revealed as Reb Miller, based off of the nickname of Will Forte's father.
  • The unresolved cliffhanger of who was flying the drone is later revealed to be flown by Pamela Brinton in "Got Milk?".
  • Will Forte was nominated for a 2016 Emmy Award for "Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series" for this episode.

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