Catherine was one of Pamela Brinton's socialite friends and had attended Pamela's charity auction event in "Got Milk?". Catherine is also shown to be a cat person.

Prior to the viral outbreak in "Got Milk?", Catherine and her husband Robert had purchased an underground bunker to live in as the outbreak continued to worsen. At the food store, Molyneux's, Pamela runs into Catherine, who are both in gear to protect themselves from the virus, discuss her new purchase of the underground bunker. After Pamela leaves, Catherine eats some dog food.

As time passes, Pamela's husband Benjamin gets the virus, forcing her to part ways with her husband. Pamela then heads to Catherine's house and discovers she has died from the virus as well. She leaves, but not before taking the room key to their recently purchased underground bunker.

Catherine was portrayed by Laura Dern.

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