is the daughter of Erica and the deceased Phil Miller (II) that Erica gave birth to in "When the Going Gets Tough".

In "A Real Live Wire", Erica announced that she was pregnant with Phil (II)'s child. Phil (II), however, was planning to leave and tried to persuade Carol to come with him. Erica and Phil (II) soon hit a rough patch, but reunited in "Secret Santa" when Phil (II) got her a hospital bed to see a sonogram of their baby. Despite this, Phil (II) ended up flatlining in "Silent Night", thanks to a botched appendectomy. 

Erica eventually started to feel morning sickness in "You're All Going to Diet" and began showing a baby bump in "Name 20 Picnics... Now!". After a six month time jump, Erica became severely pregnant in "The Big Day" where she announced her water broke.

In "When the Going Gets Tough", Erica, Gail, and Todd prepare the necessities to deliver Erica's baby with help from Carol and Phil, whom the latter is severely "over-helping". With Erica's birth pains from her contractions, Carol runs off in fear. Erica eventually passes out due to a lack of oxygen, but with the group all at her aid, they get her smelling salts to wake her up. They soon find out the baby isn't in the right position and must turn the baby around themselves. Gail, Todd, Melissa, and a now confident Carol help turn Erica's baby in the correct position with Carol providing commentary. They eventually turn the baby with Gail delivering the baby successfully. As the group expresses happiness and tears, Erica names her new baby girl, Dawn, because it's "the dawn of a new day". 

In "Nature's Horchata", Erica attempts to breastfeed Dawn, but is unsuccessful. As the group ends up going on a roadtrip to avoid upcoming nuclear meltdowns, Dawn is successfully breastfeed once the group arrives on a boat in Los Angeles, California

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