Do You Know the Way to San Jose?
From the episode: Mama's Hideaway
Singers: Phil Miller, Lewis Ha, Erica Dundee
Voices: Will Forte, Kenneth Choi, Cleopatra Coleman

"Do You Know the Way to San Jose?" is a 1968 popular song by musical singer, Dionne Warwick. The song was Warwick's biggest international hit, selling over a million copies and winning Warwick her first Grammy Award.

In "Mama's Hideaway", before being interrupted by Carol and later Todd, the song is sung by Phil and features humming by Lewis and Erica.


Erica and Lewis: Ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba

(continued humming by Erica and Lewis throughout)

Phil: Do you know the way to San Jose?

I've been away so long

I may go wrong and lose my way.

Do you know the way to San Jose

I'm going back to find some peace of mind in San Jose

L.A. is a great big freeway

Put 100 down

And buy a car

Maybe in a week or two...

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