International Space Station

The International Space Station is a space station, or a habitable artificial satellite, in low Earth orbit.

Sometime before the virus, Mike Miller had been launched to the International Space Station in order to do some research. While in space, Mike does his best to find any living survivors after the outbreak of the virus and also talks to space worms, due to loneliness. 

At the end of "Screw the Moon", he attempts to call Houston for assistance. Unable to reach anybody, he wonders if there is any survivors left. His brother Phil also reveals to Carol that he used to have a brother.

In "Is There Anybody Out There?", Mike continues to be stranded in space. He thinks of leaving via the descent module but believes it may be too risky. While in space, Mike says goodbye to some of his remaining worms by sending them off into space.

In "No Bull", Mike attempts to fix his radio, as he is in the International Space Station. Eventually fixing it, he switches between radio stations, and soon believes he has found somebody. However, it turns out to be an echo of his own voice. Frustrated over this, Mike breaks the radio and various things inside the station. Later that night, Mike inhales a large amount of nitrous oxide.

Mike begins to suffer in space in "Secret Santa". Mike finds that his last worm, Terry, has died and sends off into space. Realizing he is now fully alone, Mike plans to release himself into space. Looking back into the station, Mike sees a recently newborn worm. Attempting to abort the air lock, Mike fails to abort it and is launched into space, while in a spacesuit. As Mike is launched into space, he manages to get himself back to the station using the tether still connected to it in "Silent Night". Naming his recently newborn worm, "Phil", the two have no other choice but to attempt to re-enter Earth using the descent module.

Upon re-entry, Mike's descent module capsule burns up. However, Mike eventually lands on Earth with his capsule crashing into a cruise ship in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean in "Pitch Black".

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