• The episode title refers to some of the first advertisements for the show.
  • Starting with this episode, each episode has a 'Fox Presents' logo immediately after the recap of events.
  • Melissa, Todd, Erica, Gail, and Phil (II) do not make appearances in this episode. They do appear illustrated in Carol's notebook and shown in the recap of events. Phil (II) is also mentioned by Phil.
  • "Till the End of the Day" by the Kinks is the song played during the beginning of the first act.
  • "I Wish I Were A Princess" by Little Peggy Marsh from Hairspray is the song played as Carol tries on dresses from past first ladies including Dolly Madison, Jackie Kennedy and Michelle Obama.
  • "Paper Planes (All I Wanna Do Is `Bang Bang´And Take Your Money)" is the song played as Phil drives away from Carol at Speedy Pump.
  • Phil mentions that he and Carol had resided at Graceland and Dollywood, Oprah's, and LeBron's during their road trip.
  • A drawing in Carol's notebook shows that Phil and Carol got remarried at Niagara Falls.
  • Carol's knitting club, Knitters with Attitude, is a parody of hip-hop music group, N.W.A.[1]

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