Jeremy is the dog of Pamela Brinton and Benjamin Brinton as seen in "Got Milk?".

After the virus outbreak, Pamela and her dog, Jeremy arrive in the bunker purchased by her deceased friend, Catherine. She explores some of the rooms including the bedroom, a room filled with canned foods as well as a main room with a plasma screen that includes a flying drone. During her first year there, she celebrates holidays and has some fun with her dog Jeremy. In her second and third year there, she tries to teach Jeremy to say "milk". More time passes and Pamela expresses no emotion and still continues her goal to get Jeremy to speak. When she discovers one of her clothes eaten by Jeremy, she threatens to kick him out. She opens the door and he ends up running far away from her.

Jeremy was shown to be back with Pamela in "M.U.B.A.R." and also knocked off Phil's makeshift toilet as well.

Jeremy was also used by Phil in "Stocko Syndome" to force Pamela to give over her gun to Phil and also goes back to the United States with Pamela and Glenn in search of Glenn's kids at the end of "Skeleton Crew".

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