Malibu is an affluent beach city in Los Angeles, California.

It is the primary setting for Season 2 of The Last Man on Earth.

Between the events of Season 1 and Season 2, the survivors, excluding Phil Miller and Carol Pilbasian, move out of Bonita Estates in Tucson, Arizona and decide to move to Malibu. Upon arriving in Malibu, they met up with Gordon Vanderkruik, and are invited to stay at his mansion with him.

Meanwhile, Phil and Carol continue their six month road trip, after Phil's banishment from Tucson. They later find a note by Melissa explaining that they had went to Malibu. Upon arriving to Malibu, Carol accidentally scares Gordon into a heart attack resulting in his death, while Phil tries his best to make amends with the group. During this time, Phil eventually makes amends with everyone and tries to with Phil (II), but is unable as he shortly dies from a botched appendectomy. Phil's astronaut brother, Mike Miller, also resides here for two weeks, before moving to Tucson after potential contamination of the virus.

In "General Breast Theme with Cobras", the survivors face Pat Brown and two intruders who storm the mansion. Melissa takes drastic action by shooting Darrell, forcing Pat and Lewis to surrender. But after Pat discovers Phil and Mike's relationship, he threatens to shoot Phil, but the survivors and Lewis make an escape to Cher's house. In the midst of everything, Todd runs over Pat. Despite Phil believing he is dead, they discover Pat's boat missing, now giving them a serious threat to deal with. Phil and Melissa set up safety precautions in "You're All Going to Diet", but when the precautions don't work out, the survivors decide to leave Malibu

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