Mark, Mark, Mark
From the episode: The Open-Ended Nature of Unwitnessed Deaths
Singers: Phil Miller
Voices: Will Forte

"Mark, Mark, Mark" is sung by Phil Miller in "The Open-Ended Nature of Unwitnessed Deaths", in an attempt to cheer up Lewis, after discovering that he is mourning over Mark, due to the fact that it would've been their anniversary.

The song also includes a brief reprise of the ending of Phil's closure song, "The Story of Us", intended for Phil (II) from the episode "Valhalla".

Lyrics Edit

Mark, Mark, if approaching a park

I bet he'd say, my name is Mark

Mark Mark, if he had an ark

Bet he'd sail in the dark

And go to a park with a shark

Mark, Mark

Marcia, uh, Clarke

[tapping] Lark


Closure, closure, closure, closure, closure

The closure that I'm feeling, the bones in my teeth

Closure, closure, closure, closure, closure

Closure for you and for my Mark, Mark, Mark

[second verse]

Mark, Mark, may I remark?

That your lover, Mark

Could possibly be alive


Open, open-ended

The open-ended nature of unwitnessed death



Open, open-ended

He's running down the hallway and hanging a right

I see you!


Open, open, ended

Got to talk more about this Mark situation.

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