Miami Beach, Florida is a coastal resort city in Miami-Dade County, Florida, United States. It was incorporated on March 26, 1915.

In "Pitch Black", after astronaut Mike Miller crash land on Earth and finds Pat Brown, Pat decide to take Mike to the shore to stock up on supplies. Traveling on a mini-boat, they head to shore. Eventually reaching the shore, Mike and Pat climb off of the beach and enter Miami Beach, Florida in an ice cream truck. As they discuss their favorite ice creams, Mike questions where the bodies may be. Driving to a triage operation area, Pat explains that most people died within a triage operation located in every city, or had died in their own homes, due to internally leaking out blood, through every hole of the body. Before leaving Miami, Pat and Mike play a game of tennis. As they head back to the boat, Mike notices that a billboard has writing on it, as Pat tries to avoid showing Mike. Stopping the truck, Mike exits the vehicle quickly, and begins to express happiness and rambles about how the sign says "Alive in Tucson". However, his happiness soon ends after Pat hits him in the back of the head with a wrench.

As Mike is unconscious, he dreams of young Phil again, who tells Mike he is stupid for exiting the vehicle and proceeds to pee on him for being on the ground. As Mike wakes up, he finds Pat disinfecting him from the virus. As Mike questions what happens, Pat explains what he did and that he should stay away from Tucson, as Pat crazily believes that the government is secretly in hiding and is securing a trap. Mike tells Pat to shoot him as he wants to go to Tucson, but then agrees with Pat. When Pat puts the gun down, Mike attempts to reach for the gun, leading to a tussle between the two, but shortly ends when Pat knocks Mike out again with a rock. As Pat gets up, he notices a rip in Mike's hazmat suit and proceeds to place him in the triage operation. As Mike wakes up, he notices Pat's delirious message on the body bag, and takes the rescue ambulance and heads to Tucson. 

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