• This is the final appearance of Pat Brown. As he prepared to shoot the group for their past encounters, Pamela Brinton is revealed to have been behind him and shoots him in the back.
  • The group reveals that they forgot to bring the calf with them from the building.
  • Jasper is shown wearing a Hulk costume.
  • Phil takes Carol on the road without her knowing until the next day in a similar fashion to what he did in "The Boo".
  • Todd explains to Jasper who Pat was using the same description that Pat used to describe himself in "General Breast Theme with Cobras".
  • Phil uses the same bank joke that "Alana" told Pamela in "Got Milk?".
  • The Hollywood Knickerbocker Apartments located in Los Angeles, California can be seen briefly in the background of the scene where Carol's house is entirely covered in black smoke.

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