Full name
  • Philip Tandy Miller
Last Reported Age
Primary Employment
  • Bank Employee (formerly)
  • "President of the United States" (formerly)
Played by

Philip Tandy "Phil" Miller is the protagonist of the show and title character. He is the husband to Carol Pilbasian.

Phil is an average man who likes Twinkies, Star Wars, and sex. He is a kind person, but only when inspired. Phil was born on June 17, 1980 and is 41 years old as stated in "Alive in Tucson". His mother and father passed away, due to the virus. He also believed his younger brother Mike, an astronaut, was dead as well, until Mike eventually reunites with him on the beach in "Fish in the Dish".

After Phil gets Carol pregnant in "Falling Slowly", Carol gives birth to two twin daughters in "Double Cheeseburger", named Bezequille & Mike Miller, the latter being named after Phil's brother Mike.

Phil is portrayed by series creator and producer Will Forte. A younger version of Phil was portrayed by Jacob Tremblay in "Pitch Black".

Season 1 BiographyEdit

Not much is known about Phil's life before the virus, although he grew up with his parents, Patti and Reb Miller, and a younger brother named Mike Miller, who later became an astronaut. Prior to the virus, Phil had worked at a bank as a temp. As a kid, Phil also drank out of baby pools and also had the nickname "Skidmark". 

In the year 2021, Phil is now 41 years old and is one of the remaining survivors of a virus that wiped out humanity. Phil begins to spend the next year in search of any living person in his RV, traveling through the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. Much to his dismay, Phil is unable to find anyone and travels back to his hometown of Tucson, Arizona, where he breaks into a mansion. Due to loneliness, he talks to sports balls for companionship. After deciding that he is the last person, he plans to commit suicide by crashing his pickup truck into a painted target, only to see the smoke signal of Carol Pilbasian. Soon after getting to know each other, and forced by Carol to get married in order to have sex, the two get married in "Raisin Balls and Wedding Bells", however are divorced soon later in "Pranks for Nothin'". 

When others begin to arrive, such as Melissa, Phil begins to start lying to Carol and Melissa just to get Melissa to like him. However, when Todd arrives, he and Todd end up together and Melissa soon begins to have a doubt to what Phil says. Soon after, Phil begins to have a grudge against Todd, but as the series progresses, their relationship strengthens. A few days later, Phil meets Erica and Gail, he lies to them saying his wife, Carol, died during the virus, and continues to lie to them until they meet up with the others. The others soon to start a grudge against him and they realize he continually makes mistakes and apologizes about his flaws and the others welcome him back into the cul-de-sac.

Knowing things are going good, Phil attempts to prevent others from coming into Tucson. As Phil attempts to say that the group has re-located to Tampa, he passes out on the billboard sign and is discovered by Phil Miller (II). The women become fans of Phil (II), leading Phil to try and stand up to him, but fails to do so, creating a rivalry between them. However, they seem to make up in "The Tandyman Can". Later that night, the Phil (II) has sex with Carol, angering Phil and Todd, who then vow to kill him. 

In "Screw the Moon", Phil shows a disrespecting attitude towards Phil (II). When he knocks Phil (II)'s lamp over, Todd mentions that he did it and threatened to kill him. Due to this, Phil is told to leave Tucson, but seeks refuge in his house. After three days, Carol and the rest of the members call a truce. As Phil leaves his house and arrives at the cul-de-sac, Phil (II) kidnaps him and brings him to the desert to die. After Phil uses up the last of his resources, he waits to die, only to be found by Carol. Carol and Phil then reconcile and get to know each other again and leave Tucson.

Season 2 BiographyEdit


In "Is There Anybody Out There?", Phil and Carol have shown to be re-married and continue their road-trip through the United States. They soon stop at The White House, however, Carol believes it doesn't feel like home. Phil surprises her by taking her to her old apartment in Madrid Apartments. Carol still doesn't feel like home and wishes to go back to Tucson, as there are people there. When they get back on the road, Phil accidentally leaves Carol behind at a gas station somewhere in Oklahoma. Phil soon believes that Carol may have gone back to Tucson but fails to find her there. After a week at an EMCO gas station, Carol soon believes that he had done it on purpose, but when Phil gets a message to Carol via train, she travels to Tucson, and the two reunite by having sex on the road in "The Boo".

Returning to his mansion, the pair find it burned and in ruins. In Carol's house, Phil finds a note from Melissa saying they went to Malibu and Phil and Carol decide to head to Malibu. When they arrive, Carol decides to tell them that Phil is dead. In "Dead Man Walking", as soon as Carol convinces them that Phil has changed, Phil keeps them at gunpoint and is locked in stocks. He soon finds himself upgraded to more miserable punishments in "C to the T", but is released when he puts out a fire.

Phil finds himself slowly gaining his trust by the group. He soon gets his trust back from Todd when they share a secret bacon stash together in "Crickets". He eventually gets Todd's trust back from the group when he is beaten by Phil (II). Feeling sympathy for him, Phil does his best to make amends with Phil (II), however Phil's attempts are ended abruptly due to Phil (II)'s death in "Silent Night". With his unexpected death, Erica helps him in "Valhalla" to seek closure from his death.

In "Fish in the Dish", Phil learns he is sterile and is unable to have children with Carol. However, when Phil tries telling Carol, she and the rest of the group are distracted by Mike running up the beach. As he and Phil near each other, Phil immediately punches Mike in the groin. In "Skidmark", Phil continues to fight Mike, but they end up reuniting with happiness. As the group begins to give their attention to Mike, Phil's actions cause him to get made fun of, and decides to point out Mike's flaws, resulting in his whole head and body being half shaved off as revenge by Mike. Phil decides to seek revenge against Mike in "Fourth Finger". Phil's pranks end up being no match against Mike, but things get a little too far when Phil fakes a letter to burn from their parents, but they end up patching things up for good. With them on even terms, they begin singing songs together in "Falling Slowly", and even becomes Phil and Carol's sperm donor. However, Phil and Carol successfully get pregnant together, after Phil's surprisingly says "I love you" to Carol, during coitus between her and Mike.

In "Smart and Stupid", Phil offers Mike to be the godfather of their baby, the same time where he begins to cough up blood, one of the symptoms of the virus. Despite Phil believing it's just a cold, the group tries to kick him out when the cow ends up dead, even with him in a quarantined bubble. Phil objects to this and promises to be by Mike's side, but during the night, Mike leaves a goodbye note. After heading to Tucson in ""30 Years of Science Down the Tubes" to visit Mike, Phil tries to keep him company, but as Mike's "dying wish", Phil returns to Malibu, and gives him his sport ball collection to Mike.

Season 3 Biography Edit


In "General Breast Theme with Cobras", after Pat Brown, Lewis, and Darrell storm the mansion, he befriends Pat while distrusting Lewis. They bond over Pat's designer jean art, but when Pat discovers his affiliation with Mike, he threatens to shoot him, but the group is luckily able to escape. With a fear of Pat returning, even after being fully ran over and his boat disappearing, the group abandons the Malibu mansion and moves to a self-sustaining, multi-level office building in "The Power of Power". When the power in the building goes off, Phil ultimately believes that Lewis has done-so, but it turns out to be Carol who only did it because she wanted to raise her child with Phil in an actual house. He finds her a small wooden house and places it on their floor.

In "The Open-Ended Nature of Unwitnessed Deaths", Phil discovers that Lewis is in a bad mood because it would have been his anniversary with his husband, Mark. Phil kidnaps a reluctant Lewis and they travel to Lewis' house where Lewis eventually decides to leave a note for him. Phil soon wonders whether Mike is alive and travels back to their childhood home. Upon arriving at Mike's bedroom door, Phil attempts to open it but can't accept the possibility that his brother might not be alive inside and leaves a note on his door instead.

Phil and Carol also go on the honeymoon they never had in "If You're Happy and You Know It" to an outdoor woods where Phil then takes her fishing by using coats and paintings to fish for, but she then notices the fishing pole moving and reels it in to discover an actual live fish. They try to discover the fish's gender and they name her after Gail. In celebration, they have honeymoon sex with a camping theme. Afterwards, they go outside for a post-coital walk and discover the fish outside of the water bucket. In an effort to save it, Phil tries mouth-to-mouth, but Carol says to stop as she's gone. When burying the fish, Phil and Carol grieve, but soon discover the fish flopping in the water, leading them to hug with excitement. Phil and Carol return home with the fish and place it in Phil's pool.

Phil also convinces Lewis to fly an actual plane in "The Spirit of St. Lewis", after successfully landing a plane in a simulation. At the airfield, Carol introduces a post-virus newspaper and Phil gives Lewis some flight gear. Phil says his goodbyes and wishes him luck. As the group cheers with his immediate success, everything takes a turn fast as Lewis' plane fatally crashes. Back at the building, Phil delivers a eulogy to Lewis. He goes to a church and receives a message from God and returns to the building with a truck and sets up a big field of lights to display on the building in an effort to lift the group spirit. Phil calls the group out, but they pretty much blow it off. However, due to Phil's installation of the power cords, it flickers on the power in the elevator that Gail has been trapped in for quite some time.

Phil also goes on a trip with Todd to Akron, Ohio to help him cure Melissa's mental state. He also joins Carol and Erica to help find the mysterious child wearing a Yoda mask who is living in the woods in "Find This Thing We Need To". The child eventually hides inside their car and returns to the building with them. Phil nicknames him "Jasper" based off of his JanSport backpack and desperately tries to become a father figure for him, but is "revoked" as it is discovered that he is bribing Jasper with cigarettes to portray good behavior. Jasper later chooses Erica to become his "point person".

In "Name 20 Picnics... Now!", Phil and the group decide to host a party to celebrate every major holiday for Jasper, but a fight between Phil and Todd over Melissa being around Jasper threatens it. The two of them prepare to fight but later make up after discovering Jasper and Melissa laughing together perfectly. In "The Big Day", Gail and Phil get into a feud about who should deliver his and Carol's baby while Phil shows that he wants to prove that he is fine in delivering the baby by demonstration and trying to pass off the claims made by Gail in their feud. Although Phil thinks he did good in his demonstrations, Gail reveals Carol is scared to tell the truth that he does not want her to deliver their baby.

Carol finds Phil in a room of foam blocks and reveals that he felt as helpless as when Phil (II) was on his deathbed and doesn't want to feel the same way again when the time comes. Carol advises him he will have the most important thing to do: to hold her hand. He goes to Gail to apologize and she offers to him to be Todd's assistant in the birth. Meanwhile, Erica's water breaks right in the middle of them patching things up.


  • The commentary for "The Elephant in the Room" noted that the original middle name for Phil was going to be "Adam". This was later change to "Tandy", when the idea for a Phil Miller (II) was introduced.
  • In fact, Phil has officially gone by his middle name Tandy since the end of the first season and resurfaced in the middle of the second season. This continued far after Phil (II)'s death as well. Fox press releases and videos also credit him as Tandy.
  • Phil's name comes from the names of executive producers and directors, Phil Lord & Christopher Miller
  • In the episode, "Pitch Black", present-day Phil does not make an appearance. A younger version of Phil, portrayed by Jacob Tremblay, appears in Mike's hallucinations. Phil is also mentioned by Mike.
  • Phil notes that he is 43 years old in "Stocko Syndome". But in "30 Years of Science Down the Tubes", the current date is listed as February 11, 2024. Later on, a six month time jump occurs in "The Big Day", making it effectively no earlier than August 2024. With Phil's birth date being listed as June 17, 1980, Phil is at least 44 years old.

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