Screw the Moon

From the episode: Screw the Moon
Singers: Phil Miller
Voices: Will Forte
"Screw the Moon" is sung at the end of the episode of the same name.

When Carol asks if Phil had actually written a song for her, Phil decides to the sing the song to her. Soon after, Phil and Carol leave in the other direction of Tucson, to start a new life somewhere else.

According to the DVD commentary for "Screw the Moon", the song was written by Mary Steenburgen.

Lyrics Edit

They say the moon is to wish on

Make you feel all romantic 

They say it makes the waves

That serenade our sadness 

It's for hopers and dreamers

And poets who swoon 

Well, screw the moon

What good's the moon 

If Care Bear is not here with me?

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