• ZZ Top's "Sharp Dressed Man" plays when Todd exchanges the car from ZZ Top's album, Eliminator, to Gail.
  • The Secret Santa name draws are:
    • Erica chose Carol's name.
    • Todd chose Gail's name.
    • Phil had originally chosen Erica's name, but had switched names with Phil (II) and received his own name.
    • Carol chose Melissa's name.
    • Melissa chose Todd's name.
    • Gail chose Phil (II)'s name.
    • Phil (II) had originally chosen Phil's name, but had switched names with Phil and received Erica's.
  • The Secret Santa gift exchanges are:
    • Erica gave Carol a chair from the audience of The Oprah Winfrey Show and a Green Versace dress that had belonged to Jennifer Lopez.
    • Todd gave Gail the car from the cover of ZZ Top's album, Eliminator.
    • Phil gave himself Pitbull's yacht, which he then detonated.
    • Carol gave Melissa boots that she had decorated herself, and the original Jimmy Choo thigh-high boots, size 6½ that she had wanted.
    • Melissa gave Todd a Prom King sash, a Prom King crown, and a Prom King trophy.
    • Gail gave Phil (II) no gift, and quickly gave him a whicker ball that was on the table.
    • Phil (II) gave Erica a hospital bed with a sonogram in order to see their baby.

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