"The Cow" is an animal that was found by Phil Miller, while attempting to steal the uprising attention that Todd is receiving in "Mooovin' In". The cow also gave birth to a baby calf in "No Bull".

When Todd receives all the attention from the group, thanks to his positive attitude, Phil attempts to get the attention back to him. Thinking of ways to get it back to him, he walks outside to find the cow. Phil surprises the gang by showing them the cow. However, Phil loses his attention when Todd reveals he knows how to milk the cow and get dairy products.

In order to get the attention back to him, Phil hides the cow in O' Rozco's Bar & Grill. Melissa checks there, but finds it not to be there. Phil looks as well, and is worried that the cow is actually missing. He soon finds Todd with the cow, who allows Phil to take the credit for finding it. The cow soon gets stuck up in Carol's bedroom, forcing Phil to move in with Carol, however, in "The Tandyman Can", Phil (II) is able to move the cow out of Carol's bedroom. 

When the Tucson crew moves to Malibu, after Phil and Carol leave Tucson, the cow travels with them. It is shown that the cow had received a shock collar, in order for it to stay still in "C to the T".

In "No Bull", the cow gives birth to a baby calf, as the group realizes that a bull may be nearby, prompting them to go on a search for it.

In "Smart and Stupid", Mike begins to cough up blood, one of the symptoms of the virus, while milking the cow. About six hours later, Melissa tells the group to go outside, where they find that the cow is dead. Here, the cow's baby calf is still alive.

According to an interview with Andy Bobrow, the cow's name is Cat and has appeared in select Chick-Fil-A commercials.[1]

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