The Heat is Off

From the episode: A Real Live Wire
Singers: Phil Miller
Voices: Will Forte
"The Heat is On" is a song written by Harold Faltermeyer and Keith Formey, and recorded by Glenn Frey. The song is best known for its feature in Beverly Hills Cop.

"The Heat is Off" is sung to the tune of "The Heat is On" by Phil Miller in "A Real Live Wire" as Phil attempts to fix the generator.

Lyrics Edit

The heat is off

Of this waffle maker

Friggin' plug is in

But the heat is off

Ooh, ooh

Better check that 'wakka wakka wakka wakka


Friggin' gas gauge broke

The gas gauge bro-oke

It says half full

But the sucker's on empty

Gonna pour this ga-a-a-a-as 



Gas looks weird 

It's friggin' super clumpy

Like a ghost took a dump

Into this gas can 

Ooh, ooh...

I'll eat you raw

I'll eat you ra-haw

Who needs heat?

I'll eat a liquid waffle

Ooh, hoo

This waffle, wakka wakka wakka wakka 


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