The Story of Us
From the episode: Valhalla
Singers: Phil Miller, Melissa Chartres
Voices: Will Forte, January Jones
"The Story of Us" is sung by Phil Miller in an attempt to find closure after Phil Miller (II)'s death in "Valhalla".  A reprise of the song is sung by Melissa Chartres when she is shown chewing off gems off of Carol's handmade boots.


(guitar tuning)

Phil: Have you ever had a shoulda, coulda, wouda?

Sittin' right on your face

And you think about the did that

Done that, finished that

That coulda been in its place

Well, the second one's, what happened to me

I finished all my business

Gotta say good-bye to your friends

Cause you never know when their life's gonna end

I'm over you

I miss you

But I'm over you...

(sobbing and snobs)

(whispering to himself)

Get it together.

Closure, closure, closure, closure, closure

Closure in my bones

And my skin

Closure, closure...


Closure... closure, closure

Put those hands together

For closure...


Melissa: Closure, closure, closure, closure, closure...

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