Disappeared spirits.

The Wild Guess Express
Phil tries to lift Todd's spirits with some white lies.

Season: 03 Episode: 02
Total Episode Count: 33
Prod. no.: 3AYB02
First Aired: October 2, 2016

Guest Starring: Kenneth Choi
Featuring: Phil Miller, Todd Rodriguez
Also Appearing: Carol Pilbasian, Melissa Chartres, Erica Dundee, Gail Klosterman, Lewis Ha
Director: Peter Atencio

Writers: Andy Bobrow


Todd decides to pull over to a nearby house, after having troubles with the van. They blockade the doors with a table and Gail discovers that the house had belonged to singer and actress, Cher. Carol also discovers Cher's dead body in her bedroom. In the midst of everything, Phil decides to sneak back to the mansion to see if Pat's alive. When he gets there, he finds Pat in an un-moving state and places his body in the dumpster on the side of the house.

Meanwhile, Todd suffers from major remorse after supposedly killing Pat. Phil decides to lie to Todd and the others to keep Todd from being paranoid. He tells them that Pat is alive and brings Todd back to the setup trashed mansion to show that Pat is coming for them. But when Todd tells the others that Pat is coming, Phil still decides to lie and claim he is alive, forcing the group to prepare to fight Pat when he comes.


Phil confides in Carol that Pat is really dead. They stage a fake fight between Phil and a fake foam dummy of Pat. Lewis speaks up and tells Phil to knock off what he's doing and to stop believing that they're idiots. He confirms the truth about Pat to Todd, making him happy that he would do that for him. The group then returns to the mansion to see Phil's setup. But when Carol asks Phil how he removed Pat's boat, he discovers that Pat's body is missing from the dumpster, now giving them a serious threat to deal with.

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