Tucson is a city located in Pima County, Arizona.

It is the primary setting for Season 1 of The Last Man on Earth.

During Phil Miller's childhood, he grew up in Tucson with his brother Mike and his parents. After his adolescent years, Phil had worked at a bank. In 2019, after a virus wipes out humanity completely, Phil spends the next year writing "Alive in Tucson" on billboards and searching for signs of another human being. After returning to Tucson, Phil decides to reside in Bonita Estates.

Survivors eventually show up, but at the end of Season 1, after Phil is banished from Tucson by Phil (II), Phil and Carol leave Tucson behind in order to start a new life somewhere else. Between the events of Season 1 and Season 2, the survivors move out of Bonita Estates and decide to move to Malibu.

Phil and Carol continue their road trip across the United States. Phil and Carol end up getting separated from one another, but eventually find each other in Tucson. They soon discover that the survivors had burned down Phil's former house and moved out. They then later find a note from Melissa, explaining that they had went to Malibu. Upon finding the note, Phil and Carol to reunite with the group. Upon arriving, Phil tries his best to make amends with the group, which he later successfully does.

After crash landing on Earth, Phil's astronaut brother, Mike Miller, eventually makes his way to Tucson.  As explained , he visited Phil's old apartment, and upon finding it empty, he presumed Phil would have moved to Bonita Estates. Immediately arriving there, he found Melissa's note to Carol saying they went to Malibu. He goes there to meet up with the survivors, but after potential contamination of the virus, he results to moving back to Tucson, with a final goodbye from Phil. 

In "The Open-Ended Nature of Unwitnessed Deaths", after leaving a note for his potentially deceased boyfriend, Mark, Lewis says that Phil at least got to see his own brother pass, leading Phil to question Mike's fate. He goes to Tucson to the Miller House. Entering the house, he views photographs of Mike's heroic accomplishments and some of his more ridiculous ones. As he heads to Mike's door, he cannot come to terms that his dead brother's body may be in there, and decides to leave a note for him as well. He notices his sportsballs and takes Gary with him. Lewis and Phil then return to San Jose, California to the office building. 

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