Phil concludes the "viking" funeral held for Phil (II).

Phil seeks closure after Phil (II)'s death.

Season: 02 Episode: 12
Total Episode Count: 25
Prod. no.: 2AYB12
First Aired: March 13, 2016

Guest Starring: Steven Pierce, Kyle Stivers
Featuring: Phil Miller
Also Appearing: Carol Pilbasian, Erica Dundee, Gail Klosterman, Melissa Chartres, Todd Rodriguez
Musical Numbers: Tubthumping, He Belongs to the Sea, The Story of Us

Director: Payman Benz

Writers: Erica Rivinoja


Following Phil (II)'s death, the group holds a norse funeral for him. The group says their final goodbyes to Phil (II), as Phil pushes the ship into the ocean, Phil tries to conclude the funeral by shooting a flaming arrow at the ship, but the arrows fail to fire. Following the funeral, Carol is disappointed that Todd didn't accept Melissa's proposal, but learns from Phil that Gail is secretly dating Todd. Meanwhile, Phil begins to struggle for closure, after Phil (II)'s demise.

As Phil goes into Phil (II)'s room, he remembers their first encounter and some of the memories they "shared". While going through his stuff, he finds that Phil (II) actually has a middle name. Still attempting to find closure, Phil offers to Erica to be the father of her child by even fixing Phil (II)'s handmade crib, but Erica ultimately rejects as Phil (II) didn't want Phil to be the father.

With Phil's feelings hurt, he tries to blow off steam by shooting his Phil (II) dummy. He then brings Erica to Phil (II)'s room, and tries to show Erica how disrespectful he was with Phil (II)'s collection of nude magazines and drugs. Out of anger, Phil lights all of Phil (II)'s property on fire and is even more angry when Phil (II)'s coffin returns to shore. When Erica comes outside to see this, he admits he seeks closure and misses him. She then suggests burying Phil (II) next to Gordon, resulting in him finding his closure.


Meanwhile, Todd apologizes to Gail for covering up their relationship from Melissa. Later that day, Melissa is still upset over Todd's rejection from the proposal and decides to break Christmas ornaments, while also drinking alcohol at the same time. The following day, Todd finds Melissa singing Phil's closure song along with chewing off gems off of Carol's boots. With Todd there, she invites him to watch TV with him, which he hesitantly accepts. When Todd goes back to Gail, she is disappointed over Phil (II)'s death. She then proceeds to tell Todd to take his pants off, where he reveals he has plans with Melissa, leading to Gail to pour an entire bottle of wine. While Melissa and Todd watch TV together, Melissa tries to kiss Todd, but Todd attempts to move away, but she eventually leads him. But when Melissa tells Carol that they are "back together", Carol confronts Todd about this, and kisses him, confirming that she knows about his continuous flings with Melissa and Gail.

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